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Under Therex PT
Programs Are

  • Therex Rehab
  • Therex Fitness
  • Sports Specific Programs



Therex Rehab

Therex Rehab Exercise Progressions have specific exercise progressions for the most common orthopedic / sports medicine diagnoses. If you are injured, we recommend seeking medical advice from a qualified healthcare provider before starting Therex Rehab. Your provider will make a diagnosis. 

  • Ankle/Foot Exercise Progression
  • Knee/Hip Exercise Progression
  • Lumbar/Hip Exercise Progression
  • Elbow/Wrist/Hand Exercise Progression
  • Shoulder/Neck Exercise Progression


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Therex Fitness

Therex Fitness allows the fitness beginner to embark on a complete fitness program, leaving out the guesswork. Therex Fitness addresses the 3 Core Pillars of Fitness: Strength, Flexibility, and Cardiovascular endurance.


Therex Fitness Addresses The 3 Pillars Of Fitness :

  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Cardio
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Sports Specific Programs

In addition to Therex Rehab, the authors of Therex PT have recognized a series of specific exercise programs to allow the patient/client to return to their sport or hobby.

Therex Specialized Programs :

  • Return to Running
  • Return to Throwing
  • Extension-Based Lower Back Pain
  • Sports Specific Fitness Programs
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