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There are so many exercises to get fit. However, some exercises have the potential to injure you. Therex Fitness has selected the exercises that are the least likely to cause injury but most likely to give you complete fitness. Remember, working out should be like investing your money, "Maximal Return with Minimal Risk."

Therex Fitness allows the fitness beginner to embark on a complete fitness program, leaving out the guesswork.

Therex Fitness addresses the 3 Core Pillars of Fitness: Strength, Flexibility, and Cardiovascular endurance.

Therex Fitness allows the experienced fitness enthusiast or athlete to compare their current fitness program to ensure it is complete. Very often, fitness programs include some of the ingredients of a complete fitness program, but not all. Athletes very often do not realize that no sport completely addresses fitness.


See to the right on your computer or below on your phone four exercise video examples that are in Therex Fitness.

**IMPORTANT: Always consult your physician or qualified health care provider before using any of the information or programs on this website. If you use any information or exercise programs on this page or website and experience any pain, fatigue, shortness of breath, or other physical symptoms. You must immediately stop and call your physician or other qualified healthcare provider.

Specific Programs

Therex Fitness

Therex Fitness is a complete fitness program that addresses the 3 Core

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