Therex Rehab

Therex Rehab Exercise Progressions are exercise progressions that a patient/ client can also follow for specific muscle groups and their associated joints. These progressions allow a starting point for post-injured or lagging joints and associated muscles to return to fitness. These progressions allow the patient to regain strength, flexibility, and endurance in a progressive program. If you had a previous injury and are fully recovered but still feel like you have a lagging body part, Therex Rehab can be a road map to see if you are following a complete program.

See to the right on your computer or below on your phone an exercise video progression that is included in Therex Rehab.

If you are injured, we recommend seeking medical advice from a qualified healthcare provider before starting Therex Rehab. Your provider will make a diagnosis. If you are referred to rehab your injury, have your Physical Therapist or Athletic Trainer use Therex Rehab Exercise Progressions to ensure your program is progressive and complete.

Therex Rehab Exercise Progressions have over 30 specific exercise progressions for the most common orthopedic / sports medicine nonsurgical diagnoses. 

Therex Rehab Exercise Progressions start with isolated muscle and joint exercises and beginner multi-joint exercises. Initially, isolated joint and muscle rehab is critical to identify the injured structure. As the isolated muscle and joint exercises build 100% function and strength, they will be substituted with advanced multi-joint and sports-specific exercises. This will allow the client/patient to return to hobbies and sports at 100% function. The client/patient could continue with some or all the isolated exercises to continue to build strength or as a warm-up.

Therex Rehab addresses the 3 Core Pillars of Fitness: Strength, Flexibility, and Cardiovascular.

Therex Rehab can be the first step before progressing to a full-body workout. Once the lagging or injured muscle group and associated joints are at or near the fitness level of the rest of the body Therex Fitness can address complete body fitness.

**IMPORTANT: Always consult your physician or qualified health care provider before using any information or programs on this website. If you use any information or exercise programs on this page or website and experience any pain, fatigue, shortness of breath, or other physical symptoms, you must immediately stop and call your physician or other qualified healthcare provider.

Specific Programs

Ankle/Foot Exercise Progression

Therex Rehab Ankle / Foot Exercise Progression is a complete exercise

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Knee/Hip Exercise Progression

Therex Rehab Knee/ Hip Exercise Progression is a complete exercise progression that addresses the 3 Pillars

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Lumbar/Hip Exercise Progression

Therex Rehab Lumbar/Hip Exercise Progression is a complete exercise progression that addresses the 3 Pillars

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Elbow/Wrist/Hand Exercise Progression

Therex Rehab Elbow/Wrist/Hand Progression is a complete exercise progression that addresses the 3 Pillars

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Shoulder/Neck Exercise Progression

Therex Rehab Shoulder/ Neck Exercise Progression is a complete exercise progression that addresses

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