Extension-Based Lower Back Pain

Extension-Based Lower Back Pain Progression is an evidence-based progression for patients who have sustained an extension-based lumbar injury. This progression has been formulated by physicians, physical therapists, athletic trainers, and strength coaches with extensive adolescent and adult sports medicine experience.


Extension-Based Lower Back Pain Progression should only be followed after a diagnosis and order for Physical Therapy is made by a qualified MD. Progress on this program under the supervision of a PT or ATC/LAT. The progression has 3 phases which the patient progresses on based on healing. Progressing from one phase to another is determined by the referring physician and medical team.

Progression through each phase is based on the diagnosis made by your M.D.


Diagnoses can vary strain(muscle), sprain( ligament), stress fracture (Bone) 


**Physician can speed or delay progression based on diagnostic and clinical findings.


**IMPORTANT: Always consult your physician or qualified health care provider before using any of the information or programs on this website. If you use any information or exercise programs on this page or website and experience any pain, fatigue, shortness of breath, or other physical symptoms. You must immediately stop and call your physician or other qualified healthcare provider.