Knee/Hip Exercise Progression

Therex Rehab Knee/ Hip Exercise Progression is a complete exercise progression that addresses the 3 Pillars of Fitness: Strength, Flexibility, and Cardiovascular.


Each section has easy-to-follow directions on how to progress. 


Note: If your medical doctor has referred you to therapy for any of the diagnoses below, you could try these exercise progression combinations. 


ACL Prehabilitation or Knee Sprain / Strain

Patella Tendinitis / Quadricep Strain

Patella Femoral Syndrome / PFS and Mild Osteoarthritis

Osgood Schlatter / Tibial Tubercle Apophysitis and SLJ Patella Apophysitis

Hamstring Strain

Adductor Strain

ITB Tendinitis


The program consists of 79 videos in the progression. There are 17 strength progressions,16 stretches, 6 aerobic choices, and 1 balance progression.


Once you bring your injured, post-injured, or lagging knee and hip condition back to 100%, look to Therex Fitness for a complete body fitness Program.


**IMPORTANT: Always consult your physician or qualified health care provider before using any of the information or programs on this website. If you use any information or exercise programs on this page or website, experience any pain, fatigue, shortness of breath, or other physical symptoms. You must immediately stop and call your physician or other qualified healthcare providers.