Therex Fitness

Therex Fitness is a complete fitness program that addresses the 3 Core Pillars of Fitness: Strength, Flexibility, and Cardiovascular endurance.


Therex Fitness allows the fitness beginner to embark on a complete fitness program without the guesswork.


Therex Fitness allows the experienced fitness enthusiast or athlete to compare their current fitness program to ensure it is complete. Very often, sports and fitness activities include some of the ingredients of a fitness program, but not all.  The weight lifter doesn't do enough flexibility training. The yoga enthusiast doesn't do enough aerobic training, and the biker doesn't do enough strength training. 


Therex Fitness utilizes the physiological principles of: 


1. PRE-progressive resistance exercise - The most widely accepted way to gain muscle mass and become stronger is to stress your body (workout). We call it " Do more than the time before." If you add stress to each workout in the form of weights or reps, you will grow stronger. Figueiredo


2. Exercise progressions - Once weight or reps are maximized on an exercise, progressing to a more stressful exercise will stimulate growth. Progressing from single-joint movements to multi-joint exercises will allow for a return to sports-specific patterns sooner. Gustafson/ d'Hemecourt


3. High rep training - High repetition sets stimulate growth hormone and tendon joint healing. Studies also show that utilizing higher reps (15-20) is best for improving circulation at tendon attachments but can strengthen the overall muscles just as well as low reps. Grimsby: We recommend you achieve reps of at least 15, but you could progress as high as 20 before moving on to a more difficult exercise. Periodization of repetitions - Changing rep schemes throughout the year can help to stimulate growth but allow for tendon/joint recovery during the high rep cycles. Matveyev, Delorme, Kovets, Grimsby

Note: Therex PT, Therex Fitness, and Specialization Programs are only instructed in the high repetition phase. If you want to progress to a year-long periodization schedule, seek advice from your healthcare provider or trainer.


4. Circuit training- Studies show that doing your workout in a circuit (running through one set of each exercise and then repeating the complete circuit again) gives your muscles' creatine phosphate stores enough time to recover. This ensures having more stored energy for strength on your second or third sets. Waiting 3-5 minutes between sets of the same exercise is optimal for recovery. Willardson

A circuit example would be upper body day /chest and back exercises. Do a set of back rows, a set of chest bench, a set of abdominals, and a set of low back, take a 1-minute rest, and repeat 2-3 sets. Pick another back, chest, ab, and lower back exercise and do two circuits. The faster pace of doing this is regarded as a HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workout.


5. Recording of workouts -  Remember to document your sets, reps, and weights for each workout under each exercise. You can also "click" on the star on top of any strength, flexibility, or cardio exercise. This marks them as a favorite to keep track of your current exercise.


6. Directional preference with cardio training - Using a directional preference model with cardio workouts is suggested. This means spending more aerobic time in positions that are opposite to what you normally do. In sitting, flexed-forward occupations people may find greater benefit doing upright activities (walking, running, elliptical, or swimming), while standing, upright occupations people may find greater benefit doing sitting activities (row or bike).McKenzie, Donnelson


Therex Fitness includes 111 videos, of which 23 are strength progressions, 23 are flexibility stretches, and 6 are aerobic choices for a complete step-by-step fitness program. 


Strength exercises - Many exercise movements listed give you choices. (which will be clearly explained). They will start at the lowest stress level and progress to more advanced levels. There are isolation exercises ( working only one muscle group and joint), but these will progress to more advanced functional and sports-specific patterns.


Flexibility exercises ensure you maintain your range of motion.


Cardiovascular exercises ensure you have overall cardio and body endurance.


**IMPORTANT: Always consult your physician or qualified health care provider before using any of the information or programs on this website. If you use any information or exercise programs on this page or website and experience any pain, fatigue, shortness of breath, or other physical symptoms. You must immediately stop and call your physician or other qualified healthcare provider.